Raw Warrior Corporate Retreats

Raw Warrior Retreats

Raw Warrior Retreats

We are now offering Corporate Raw Vegan Retreats. Many years ago when I was diligently studying fencing and sword fighting from all around the world, I found two of the major books on fencing strategy in the business section of the book store instead of the martial arts section.

Sailing Option

Sailing Option

The first was Musashi’s “The Book of Five Rings”. The caption was “When Musashi speaks Wall Street Listens”. And the second book was “The Art of War” by Sun Tu.

So I have always wanted to do corporate retreats centered around stick fighting, sword fighting (both eastern and western), and inward reflections for corporate executives.

I have put on many retreats for individual executives that involved heavy weather sailing, solo mountain climbing, and stick fighting.

And I was recently offered a situation to teach a group of trial lawyers fencing at a special retreat on a ranch in Wyoming for some of the nation’s most brilliant trial lawyers, but I declined on account of the time involved away from the family.

Circular workout

Circular workout

If you are interested in a quote for a Raw Warrior Corporate Retreat please email me and let us know your particulars.

More photos of The Retreat House

More photos of our last retreat

For inquiries contact me here.

Access to Olympic size ozone swimming pool in Ojai, CA.

Hike to Local Hot-Springs

Hike to Mountain Pools and Waterfalls

Gourmet Raw Kitchen for Demonstrations

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3 Responses to Raw Warrior Corporate Retreats

  1. kimer says:

    I am waiting to become more financial secure. And I like to know for the sake of finances I want to start one of your programs, what would be economical better package for me to start. And with your retreats do you have couple packages. And if so would these packages be discounted some. And seeing your prices this covers us when we are with you all right. Does this fee cover lodging also. So we just need to get to your location and that would be it. Also do you all take your payments via paypal for the retreats.

    • Storm says:

      Hi Kimer,

      The most economical package to start would be our online 2-Program Intro to Raw New Years Programs: http://28DaysRaw.com

      Re. retreats we don’t currently offer discount packages for individuals however we have a new scholarship fund so that we can do this in future.

      Yes, the fee includes lodging. And we do accept Paypal.

      All the best,

  2. Storm says:

    Hi Irina,
    Please email Jinjee at jinjeetalifero@gmail.com and she will help you!

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