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Anti aging on raw foods is one of my all time favorites subjects or topics that I feel is one of the best kept secrets in the universe. Maybe we are all seeking something so complex that we totally overlook such a simple answer to such a universal condition that affects each and every one of us.

We are living in a age of medical miracles and science has found ways to extend our lives way beyond that of our ancient ancestors, but the dilemma here is what is the quality of this extended life and at what price. The average person with good medical insurance coverage spends the last fourteen years of his or her life in a diminished state suffering from chronic debilitating conditions in the revolving doors of the medical industry.

About ninety nine percent of these conditions can be traced directly to poor diet decisions. So the whole promise of the raw vegan diet is based on what if there were a diet that was designed just for our bodies. We see the results of this throughout nature. Certain species eat certain types of foods. And many species of very powerful animals are one hundred percent raw organic vegan.

In fact one of the most extreme examples of a raw vegan animal has to be the animals in the deer family who spend the whole winter in places like Alaska and Northern Canada. Here is a raw vegan animal that spends nine months out of the year without access to any fresh greens in a land that is frozen solid, no house with central heating, no Whole Foods yum yums, they are just out there the whole winter.

Which means that they must consume enough nutrients in the spring, summer and fall to last through the whole winter. And when you look at some of these animals they are not weak. The moose is a very powerful animal, caribou are huge and I have seen a herd of Roosevelt Elk up close and they are humungous. The one thing that they all have in common is that they just eat mostly grass, and they are not vitamin B12 deficient, protein deficient or calcium deficient. So that means that there must be mega-nutrients in the grasses and other fresh greens.

Whenever I make this comparison between humans and vegetarian animals people are quick to point out that cows have four stomachs. But speaking in the same vein humans have a thirty six foot long digestive tract so the net result is the same, we are able to retain a vegetarian meal long enough to break it down and extract the nutrients, whereas on the other hand most meat eaters have a much shorter digestive track with strong digestive juices that allows them to digest the flesh and push it out quickly. There are no meat eating animals with a digestive tract even close to the phyiscal or chemical make up of ours. A lion has hydrochloric acid four times the strength of ours.

So what would happen if we ate a diet that was mostly roasted, fried, broiled, and bar-B-Q’d flesh and over time it collected in our system and putrefied and was reabsorbed back into our system poisoning and clogging our system on a cellular level for fifty years.

The results would be what you are currently seeing; extremely accelerated aging and chronic systematic breakdown of the body on cellular levels  mainly due to the retention of un-eliminated morbid waste matter. Just about all of the chronic conditions affecting our society now can be traced to a clogged, dysfunctional, backed-up colon.

This is a very simplistic overview of what is happening to rob us of our golden years.

We spend our health in a bid for wealth and then we spend that wealth trying to regain our health.

We spend a collective billions of dollars a year trying to look and feel younger. Just the amount of money that is spent on moisturizers in this country alone is more than the gross national product of three small nations combined.

And the funny thing is none of them work, all they do is clog the pores and prevent the skin from doing its job which is acting as the body’s largest elimination organ. Would it not be better to drink a proper amount of water and hydrate from the inside out?

Below you will find pictures of some of the biggest movie stars in the world. Someone sent this to me in the form of a viral email and I thought it was fascinating for the simple reason that this is accelerated aging in extreme.

The one thing that many of these people have is access to the best trainers, the most expensive diets, supplements and vitamin regimens and a really intense desire not to age a day.

We have all bought into to concept that to be beautiful we must look like we did when we were seventeen. So the entertainment and fashion industries have already set an impossible standard of beauty for us. But now we get to see up close and personal all of the models that they present to us as a standard of this beauty and how they age.

In these sets of before and afters I have included pictures of Jinjee and I (below), aging over the same period of time with then and now photos. Jinjee’s pics are without make-up, as are mine. The only thing we put on our face is water in the morning. I’m especially enchanted by Jinjee’s face as it changes over the years.

She does not look like she did when she was sixteen but that is OK because she is not sixteen, she is forty-five, but still very attractive because her face now tells the story of where she has been, the things she has seen, and who she has become.

Jinjee at 25

But the main thing is that her aging has almost been reversed to an earlier state than she was when she was twenty five. To me this is huge because unlike all of the supplements, vitamins, moisturizers, shampoos all with the stickers saying 100% natural this really IS 100% NATURAL.

Jinjee at 34 two babies later


Jinjee at 40 after fourth child

Jinjee at 45, Mother of 5, High Raw Vegan for 18 years


Storm, 40 year raw vegan, above from age 25 to 63


In my 60's, Raw Vegan for 40 years

Above are pictures of me at 61 fitting into a pair of pants that I had when I was 19.

Did we stop moving because we got old?
Or did we get old because we stopped moving?

There is this huge misconception that we have to gain a lot of weight around our middle when we start to reach middle age. It sometimes even happens to us in our thirties. When that starts happening it is the first sign of accelerated aging. Because our weight is the one thing that we are almost in total control of.

There is no other diet on the planet that allows us to enjoy our food as much without the danger of becoming obese as The Raw Vegan Diet. When it is properly prepared it actually tastes much better than cooked food for the simple reason that all of the flavor has not been cooked out of it.

In our Anti Aging Program there is nothing to buy, no pills, lotions, supplements, or hormone therapies, no plastic surgeries, no eye tucks, liposuction or face lifts, no botox, – just a real simple diet of fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts, and seeds; all raw organic non-dehydrated food as well as plenty of clean water, exercise, fresh air and sunshine. We will be trying to work on creating new habits in all of these areas in our Anti-Aging Program and Retreat coming in 2013.

The Anti-Aging program online will contain Menu Plans, Recipes, Shopping Lists, detailed exercise systems, and more. This program will contain an in-depth study of just how and why we age too fast and just how all of us can slow this process down to a natural rate of aging.

Our Programs have really worked very well for a lot of people. I’m always amazed to read through some of the reports that people send us, which you can read on these pages:


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  1. Jessica says:

    Sounds great!

  2. Nelsi Selvey says:

    I am very excited to hear all of this amazing and life transforming information about staying healthy and defying time with proper eating, exercise and most importantly faith in God. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge. I signed up for both of the detox and raw food introduction which starts on Monday. I know that my health will never be the same.



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