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Storm Gerald TaliferoThe closest that I can come to describing the effects of a three day mono diet program is that it is like an awakening. It removes a lot of sludge from your system and at the same time it supplies a lot of primary building blocks and when done in harmony with a workout the effects are nothing short of astonishing.

In my late teens I had started exploring the concepts of transcendental meditation, astral projection, and deep breathing while sitting in a full lotus. I kept expecting to have some type of storybook out-of-my-body traveling through the universe experience. The only thing that happened was my legs got really sore, and I got a little light headed.

At the same time I was really fascinated with the concept of enlightenment after spending a year in Korea in 1968. I became even more frustrated with my lack of progress after having witnessed Buddhist Monks performing feats of power that were nothing short of miraculous.

I had been talking to a guy on the bus. It is amazing how much stuff I picked up riding the bus in Detroit in the early seventies. What this guy was telling me was really interesting. He was saying that our spine was hollow like a straw and that energy moves through our spine and goes all through our body.

But one of the things that happens when we have bad posture is that the energy can get blocked and can even back up. And when that happens it can lead to a whole host of ailments. And what an acupuncturist does is move these blocked energy passages with needles. But if you really understand the concept of blocked energy due to poor psychic posture then you can open up these energy viaducts by yourself.

I really zenned with that because I hate needles. So after three days every time I became aware of my posture and corrected it my body started to hold that intention without me having to think about it. It was really subtle but over time I did notice that I was riding my bicycle faster and further. But the big change happened when I combined the intense workout regimen with the psychic posture and the three day mono eating plan.

As soon as I would eat a stalk of celery I could feel  it flowing all through my body almost like liquid sunshine. Celery has the building blocks for building nerve fibers. The same was true of the grapes.

Grapes build red blood cells so the whole body becomes charged with oxygen which translates into energy and a stronger immune system. This is one of the principles that the Grape Cure is founded upon. Grapes also dissolve a lot of sludge and help to flush it out of our bodies. They also have protein and iron.

At this time I was also learning the concept of the neuro-synaptic gap. In order for messages to travel from our brain to our muscles the impulse has to be carried by neurotransmitters.  Neurotransmitters are created directly from the nutrients that we eat. So when we have a diet that is heavy with cooked foods this whole system becomes clogged on a cellular level. The individual cells become coated with trans-fatty acid so that the cells can neither absorb new nutrients nor get rid of waste material. So the whole system bogs down and over time we suffer from chronic fatigue and accelerated aging.

So by doing this system of the three day mono diet I was in fact removing sludge that had been building up all my life. This process was totally accelerated by intense workouts.

We have 14 pints of blood and a huge muscle to move it through our system all of our lives and if it stops for even ten minutes then we die. While at the same time we have 45 pints of lymphatic fluid and no pump. The only way that the lymphatic systems works is through a series of one way valves and muscle contractions squeezing the fluid through a system of veins with one way valves.

When we don’t move then this system doesn’t work. Even sitting for six hours injures our bodies in subtle ways. And even if after the six hours of inactivity we then start to move, the damage that was done to us is not totally reversible. This concept of consistent movement is one of the hardest things for modern man to wrap his or her mind around. Before the industrial age everybody moved all day long and obese people were so rare that you had to go to the circus to see one.

On the third day of this program I almost couldn’t handle the level of energy that I was experiencing. I would ride my bicycle from sun-up to sundown and then when I got back home I couldn’t sit still so I would take off again and ride far into the night.

After three days when I started eating heavier foods then I became a little more grounded. Over the next six to eight months I tried doing this mono dieting for different periods of time. I found that I could sustain the intense positive levels of energy for about seven days but then after that I started to lose weight and I started feeling depleted and exhausted. But as soon as I re-introduced fat back into my diet then I felt great. This fat was in the form of raw nuts, olive oil, flax seed oil, and hemp oil.

I was literally flooded with light.  I was experiencing being in and out of my body. Without even knowing it at the time this is what I had been looking for for years. The only problem I was having was in being able to handle the energy.

Celery on its own is not a very interesting food. But when eaten in the context of the mono diet it is truly a superfood.

Many will lose 10 lbs. on this three day program. At the same time you must remember that this is not a fast so you should not have any feelings of being hungry. You should have plenty of celery stalks and grapes on hand to snack on throughout the day.

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3 Responses to Raw Awakening

  1. sue says:

    Very interesting Storm. Just love the information that you share. Thanks

  2. Vicki says:

    Hi Storm, check out T-Tapp (www.t-tapp.com) for a workout method of muscle activation with linear alignment that is lymphatic…same principles you mention here.

  3. Fiona says:

    Storm , I fully support what you and Jinji are doing. you both inspire me and i am very grateful. keep up the blessed work.

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