Guilt-Free Decadence: Raw Vegan Sauces, Dips and Salad Dressings

Raw SaucesOne of the main things that has helped me over the last forty years with the raw vegan diet is just how good the food can taste and how healthy it can be when prepared properly. It is necessary to have a few guidelines in place if you are going to do this diet long term without adverse effects.

One of the eating concepts that carried over from my Standard American Diet eating habits is the concept of eating butter, cream, dips and salad dressings.

Just like drowning a potato in butter or sour cream can totally make a really bland food almost irresistible; by putting a really rich salad dressing on a baby green salad you can make it so yummy that the kids are fighting over seconds. There is no reason to ever sacrifice enjoyment of ones food or to make unhealthy choices because the raw vegan counterpart doesn’t taste as good.

Sometimes I make dips from organic raw cashews and macadamia nuts that are flavored with herbs and spices, garlic and onion that taste every bit as good or even better than their decadent processed food counterpart.

Just because foods are made in a really unhealthy way doesn’t make them taste any better. It usually just means that they have a longer shelf life.

We have put together a little eBooklet that is titled “Guilt-Free Decadence: Raw Vegan Creams, Sauces, and Salad Dressings”. It is an amazing step into the world of rich yet completely healthy raw vegan eating that can take your raw diet enjoyment to a new level. These recipes can be enjoyed by all different types of people and not just people who are focused on the raw vegan diet.

This eBooklet can only be purchased by clicking on the following link. So the next time you are planning a food event whether it be a family gathering, a work related event or even just a potluck, by using some of the recipes in this eBooklet you will find that people will sing praises to just how good completely raw food can taste.

Click on our Indiegogo Campaign Page link below and click on any of our Pledge Rewards to receive this eBooklet via email today, as well as our other gifts. We have a sample recipe “Sour Cream and Chives” up on this page for you too!

Click Here for Raw Sauces, Dips and Dressings!


(available only on our “Problem with Unicorns” indiegogo campaign page at the link above!)



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