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What People Have Said

Hear what people have said after doing the raw diet.

Marivel Subia

Lost 43 Pounds

"I practically jumped at the opportunity to join the program that was starting a few days later. Of all of the programs online, what drew me to it the most were Jinjee and Storm's story. They are both incredible!"

Lynne B.

Lost 26 Pounds

"The foods are nutrient dense. The program included a support website, weekly videos and exercise videos. I have done two rounds of the program. I love it and I am losing weight every week and gaining more clarity and energy."

Bretta Blanton

Lost 19 Pounds

"I have been borderline anemic my whole life. This is the first time my iron levels have been good. They thought i was taking iron pills but i told them i eat a lot of greens."

About The Author

Storm Telifero
Published Author

Storm Talifero, age 62, born on January 7th 1950, has been a raw-vegan for 40 years. He is the author of “The Garden Diet” and producer of “Breakthrough” the raw vegan documentary.

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    28 Day Raw Cleanse

    How did the concept of raw come about? Why is it healthier and more practical than the rest?

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    21 Day Raw

    Who out there has had success with raw? Has anyone not had success?

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    Raw Empowerment Program

    Empower your life with the Raw Empowerment Program, designed to give you the skills to carry on raw as a life long pursuit

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    Next Level eBook

    From the basics to the best practices, exercises, and recipes

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