The Best Diet in the World

The Garden DietThe Go-RAW Programs comprise the best systems for going raw in the world not just based upon a few raw recipes but instead offering a comprehensive system for going long-term-raw with a completely balanced diet built upon the concept that Fresh is Best! — new sessions starting Monday!

Garden Diet Guidelines….

- No supplements (none necessary if food is fresh and organic)

- No superfoods (powdered, dehydrated superfoods are super for the vendor due to shelf-life, but not the best food for our body)

- No dehydrating (dehydrate your food, dehydrate yourself. Your body will have to add its own water content to digest and eliminate the food)

- Balanced (no restricting or counting of the three macro-nutrients fats/carbs/protein or of the raw food groups fruits/veg/nuts/seeds)

- Fresh is Best (focus on foods with life-force, enzymes, locally grown, organically grown, from nature, the true superfoods fruits/veg/nuts/seeds)

- Nutritious (balanced, varied, and abundant to nourish even children and athletes)

- Delicious (appealing to even cooked foodists)

- Satisfying (sufficient portions, including optional snacks so no hunger or cravings)

- Easy and Fast (doable in modern society/lifestyle and for busy families)

- Pure and Clean (no MSG, cacao, or other toxic ingredients found in many raw diets)

- Abundant, not restrictive of calories (weight will balance naturally without hunger, whether weight gain or weight loss is needed)

- Fruits for breakfast (not combined with other foods, generally, except a couple of desserts and green smoothies).

- Sufficient protein and fat from small amount of nuts daily in digestible forms such as nut-milks, patés, sauces and dressings (more can be added for athletes, pregnant moms etc…)

- Sufficient fats to ensure that more fat-soluble minerals from vegetables are absorbed (no restricting fats on an already naturally low-fat diet that has no harmful fats!)

This is what we’ve learned is best for our family as a whole. However, individuals will always fine tune or adapt the diet for their particular needs. Take what works for you and enjoy!

“Health is a relationship between you and your body”  - Terri Guillemets

Be Well,


21 Day Raw Cleanse
Monday September 3rd, 2012

28 Days 100% Raw Transition Program
Monday September 24th, 2012

Raw Empowerment Program (start tomorrow!)
Ongoing Membership Program

Vital Force Diet System (for Boomers)
New week-long Session every Monday

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